Airbag (SRS) Scan/Reset Tools for BMWs 1994-2002:
Reads all SRS fault codes, resets SRS Light!

R5/SRS (plugs in under hood)

R5/SRS-16 (plugs in under dash)

R5/SRS-U (plugs in under dash and under hood)

R5/SRS Features:

  • Models available for most BMWs built between 1994 and 2002 Compatibility notes.
  • Displays all SRS fault codes, tells you what's wrong.
  • Resets the "SRS" Light.
  • Very easy to use
  • Low cost ($129.99)
  • Includes instruction manual and code chart.
  • Iincludes a protective storage case


  • Available in two plug types to suit your application.





Indispensable for Mechanics, Racers, Installers, Tuners!
The BMW airbag light is something that every installer, mechanic, racer and tuner will eventually face. The removal of interior components such as the seat, steering wheel, ECUs, parts of the wiring harness, etc... will cause the airbag light to come on. And it stays on, until a tool is used to reset it. Until now, the only solutions were a trip to the dealer, which will always costs you time and money, or the purchase of a very costly scan and reset tool. With The low cost, Peake Research R5/SRS, you simply read the code, look up the code in our code book, make sure you know exactly why the airbag light is on, fix the problem, then reset it. That simple.

Examples of common situations that cause the airbag/SRS light:

BMW Owners:
Has your airbag (SRS) light ever come on unexpectedly? Have you been driving around ignoring the SRS light? Do you know exactly why your SRS light came on (i.e. you triggered it while installing an alarm/stereo/steering wheel/seat) but you have no way to reset it? Are you tired of relying on someone else to get the SRS light reset? Yes? Then the R5/SRS was made for you!

Wouldn't it be great to have a good idea of what's wrong before you go in for a repair? Or, better yet, if it's a minor problem, like when racers swap in a racing seat and trigger the airbag light, you can scan it, fix it, and reset it yourself!

What is the SRS light trying to tell me?
The BMW SRS light can mean any number of things from serious to minor. Sometimes it's alerting you to the real need for a repair of a broken part, but sometimes it is merely indicating that a circuit critical to proper SRS operation was temporarily disconnected (i.e. while you were installing a stereo, alarm, racing seat or steering wheel). Without the R5/SRS, it's anyone's guess. You're stuck staring at your SRS light light until you have time to go pay someone to diagnose and reset it.

Are you starting to see that the R5/SRS makes lot's of sense? There's more..

Safety - Priority #1 :
Some people unwisely ignore the Airbag warning light. Doing so puts them and their passengers at unnecessary risk. Taking immediate action is the only wise choice. The Peake Research R5/SRS can quickly help you determine the general nature of the problem; and while many SRS system repairs are not recommend for those without the proper tools and training, you will at least have information to help you make intelligent choices about what action to take. Plus, you will enjoy the ability to talk intelligently to your repair technician!


  1. Never use the R5/SRS to reset the Airbag light without first checking and understanding the code.
  2. Always disconnect the main car battery before servicing or repairing the SRS/Airbag system.
  3. Never service, repair or troubleshoot your Airbag/SRS system while a person is in the car. This includes use of the R5/SRS or any other SRS related tool.
  4. Keep your head and body at least 24 inches from any airbag while servicing, repairing or troubleshooting the SRS system. This includes use of the R5/SRS or any other SRS related tool.
  5. Always double check your repair by driving the car over 15 MPH and then re-checking the code.
  6. Many repairs to malfunctioning or damaged SRS hardware require proper training and equipment and should not be attempted otherwise.
  7. Read entire R5/SRS Owners Manual before use.